• Old hats are due for a Comeback

    Old hats are Due For Comeback By Shruti Sinha Whether we want to look fashionable or to keep ourselves warm, hats have always been there from  da...
  • Your Colours and your style

    How do your colours affect your style? Colour is key to your image success. In fact I would have to say, as an image consultant colour contributes to as much as 80% to your total look. Sadly most women are not realising their full image and style potential simply because they are unaware of the multiplicity of gorgeous and stunning colours that will bring them to life. As a mature colour consultant my passion is for women to look their best all the time in their colours.

  • 10 years younger in your make up

    As we mature we can become confused about our make up. What looks good. What looks bad. I look ridiculous. Too much make up. Not enough. What co...