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Ros Holden is a leading Sydney colour stylist and image consultant.

“What a wonderful service” You really do get in a rut sometimes, I rally did need a Sheike up


– Peita Cental Tilba


Perfect colour-Perfect style


Your perfect image relies completely on having the right colours from top to toe.

Wearing the right colour hair, make up, clothing and accessories brings about total co-ordination and a look that is uniquely and beautifully you. It’s the total image package.

Leading colour stylist, trainer and demonstrator, Ros Holden will reveal how a decade of discovery into colour has transformed 1000’s of women over the years.

There are hundreds of colour systems and analysis  and at Your Colours and Style we aim to take all the mystery out of the equation and offer the most accurate colour analysis. This will enable you to have the fashion and style sense you have always wanted. You will also receive an accurate colour palette as well.

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How do you feel about your image? Are you as confident in your dress as you would like to be?

Are you feeling overweight and frumpy? Do you look older and too drab for your age?

How would you like to have a total make over?

How would you like to achieve the following?

  • Have total Fashion and Image Confidence
  • Look Younger
  • Look Slimmer
  • Look More Attractive
  • Look More Vibrant
  • Look More well groomed
  • Look more Fashionable
  • Look your “True Self”
  • Safe time Shopping
  • Save money Shopping
  • Make shopping a breeze
  • Create your own personal style
  • Learn the secrets that even the celebrities
  • Know the colours to put in your hair
  • Know the right make up for you
  • What colour and style of clothing
  • How to accessorise

Your Colours and Style has transformed thousands of women over the years to look and feel fabulous. Women have discovered their own true fashion identity and gained the confidence to look and feel great everyday in every situation. Ros Holden Colour Specialist and Image Stylist has studied colour for over 8 years to determine the best and most accurate colour system. She believes passionately that colour is 80-90% of the fashion equation. There are many many colour systems and finding an accurate one is vital to your image success.
If you are tired of not getting the most from the way you look its time to pick up the phone now and CALL 0413875471 make time for the session of a lifetime.
Your Colours and Style – Ignite your fashion passion
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