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"Many years ago in Brisbane I had my colours done and started to use Colours which I understood I was meant to be. Years later I contacted Ros Holden at Your Colours and Style and after sending photos I learnt I was not wearing the right colours. I was having great difficulty understanding then what colours to buy so I put a shopping trip with Ros on my bucket list. I live in Weipa, a remote mining town at the tip of Cape York. Much further up than Cairns so it was very difficult to buy clothes from magazines and with my trips to Cairns I only came home frustrated because I just was confused what colours to buy. I finally told Ros I was coming, paid for my flight on frequent flyer, and flew to Sydney which was a place I only remember as a visit when I was a child. The traffic and number of people was amazing and so were the shops because they were all done up for Christmas. I met Ros for the first time on the Wednesday morning and we had a discussion as to what I was looking for in clothes and off we went on a big adventure and we actually never got out of David Jones. I was in the fitting room and Ros just kept bringing me clothes to try on. Except for a couple, I loved them all. I was so excited that while she was out getting more clothes for me I was excitedly telling a captive audience in the dressing room all about Yours Colours and Style. On the Friday afternoon I met Ros at her home and had a makeup makeover which I learnt a lot from I am now home and had a good clean out of my clothes to the op shop. People say they love my new blouses, slacks, dresses etc wherever I go and it makes you feel so good. I highly recommend the shopping trip and makeup makeover you will never be sorry and I plan to go again one day."

Yvonne Weipa

"I attended Ros' How to Build a Functional & Stylish Wardrobe at the St George/Sutherland Community College as I felt my style needed an update now that I am in my 50s. Ros walked in and my first thought was 'wow this woman looks so beautiful, elegant and stylish! I want to look that good too!'. Ros gave us our colour reading and taught us tips and tricks to look youthful and elegant (we were all mature women who attended). I followed this up with her Youthful Makeup at Any Age course. I was amazed at how Ros could customise each of our makeup to suit our facial features and make us look our best. This has just been the start of my style journey. My colleagues and friends are amazed at my transformation and always comment on how great, elegant, youthful and stylish I look. They ask me what my secret is. That's easy - it's Ros! I'd recommend these courses and Ros to anyone who wants to look their best, at any age. Ros has changed my life!!"


"I was lucky enough to win a colour consult & style makeover with Ros which spurred me on to cull out all the clothes overflowing my wardrobe. By following her advice & using the colour swatch i am on my way to achieving a functional wardrobe to suit my age (50's) & aware of the colours that make me look my best. Thank you Ros"

Maryann-Barden Ridge

""Since discovering the vast number of colours that suit me, I have been able leave the house confident, knowing that the colours I am wearing look great on me and bring me to life. Now I can shop without hesitation, knowing what looks great on me. I would highly recommend Ros's services to anyone wanting to refresh their style, look their best and boost their confidence. She is friendly, to the point and very helpful.""


"I saw Ros in 2013 for a colour analysis to recheck my colours. She has excellent knowledge in the shades of colour for your skin colour & hair. I am a Summer season. Even the makeup I have purchased for my foundation, powder & lipstick are correct according to my skin tone and season. We discussed body shape and clothes I can wear for my apple body shape, the shades of the colours that suit the Summer Palette. It's very interesting & good knowledge to have when shopping for new clothes. Yes I would recommend Ros as a Colour & Style Consultant for a wardrobe revamp."


"Hi Ros, here is my testimonial. I'm sorry it's taken so long. I went on my first big shop since we met and I had such success. " I had my initial meeting with Ros last year for a colour and makeup consultation. That helped me understand the colours that were suitable for me. I had no idea how important colour was in the selection of fashion. To put all of this knowledge into practice, I asked for Ros' help with a personal shopping experience. Previous to this I felt unbelievably overwhelmed by the shopping experience. I always bought clothes that never suited each other or me more importantly, and as a result, my wardrobe was completely impractical and a massive waste of money. Now being a mum of two, I needed to know what to look for and to select clothes that looked good and didn't require too much thought or time. Shopping was by far a stressful experience for me and I felt as though I'd failed before I had even begun. Asking Ros for her expertise helped to put all of the previous learnings into context. I cannot tell you how invaluable the shopping experience with Ros was. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity. Ros worked so effortlessly in that time frame to find me so many clothes that I never knew I could wear. A whole new world was opened up before my eyes. In addition to this, I've lost count at the number of compliments I've been given on the new clothes and accessories. It's such a change to what I've been used to. It's been a huge boost to my self confidence. I recently went for my first big shop by myself for winter clothes and I felt so much more confident and entered with a 'I've got this attitude'. No longer was shopping a hard or painful experience. Instead, I left feeling as though I'd accomplished so much in not a huge amount of time. I knew what I was looking for and knew what I needed to avoid. That feeling of confidence cannot be bought. Ros showed me how quick and easy it was to shop and to shop for success. I just didn't know what the possibilities were until I went on her shopping experience. I highly recommend this to anyone who is feeling like I did. Throw away your pride and ask someone who knows this domain. You will not regret it."

Alison Cronulla

"I have been working with Ros as her 'Personal Health Trainer' for the past 3 months and have to congratulate her on her commitment to the program. Ross has been a treat to work with and her determination is achieving great transformations, always with a smile and we have had great fun alone the way! I am also now enjoying learning all about my 'own color and style' with Ros's great natural eye for beauty. As a stylist, she brings her wealth of experience, talents, warm engaging personal touch and wisdom with correcting even the finest of detail. I am excited about us growing together and transforming other woman's lives!!"

'Nicolene-Cronulla- In Good Nic.

"Ros was recommended to me through a presenter at a conference who had previously had a session with Ros - and I was in my usual 'uniform' of all black which I had thought looked good. After a few hours with Ros my whole outlook on colours and how they suit me, as well as the impression others take away of me have totally changed. My almost all black wardrobe is having lots of colour added and the follow up support from Ros with ideas and confirmation if I'm not sure of something is invaluable. I'm getting lots of compliments and people are saying I look really well and have you been on holiday - all it is is a simple change in colours! Next I'll be updating my hair (had to wait for my hairdresser to come back), and then the transformation will be well on the way. I can highly recommend Ros to everyone - she is an absolute expert at what she does. When you think about it we see professionals for everything these days so why shouldn't we seek guidance on what suits us best to wear. If you're not taught how do you really know you are looking your best - first impressions count!"

Chris-Neutral Bay

"I recently met with Roslyn and I must say - WOW! After years of doing everything I thought was right and I thought suited - I was amazed at the difference I felt when I actually learned WHAT my true colors were & started to introduce them into my wardrobe. Thank you Ros."

Rochelle Yagoona

"I hit a point in my 40's where something didn't feel right with my look. I didn't feel like me and I didn't feel like I was looking my best. I'd had my "colours done" over the years many times and never felt quiet like I got the same information. Everyone kept telling me different things and I didn't know how to apply it. I was skeptical at first when I met Ros and at the first appointment I couldn't quiet see what she was saying. But over time I started to see what she was saying and my whole wardrobe started to change. Understanding the colours for my clothes, but also for my makeup and hair was what really made the difference. Everything was flowing and I started to feel like, me. Everytime I was out, people would comment. My friends and colleagues would look at me in awe and ask "what's going on with you, you look amazing!!"I really feel that seeing Roz has changed my life. I am so much more confident and feel in control of my look, my colours. I wish I had met Roz years ago. She is an incredible stylist and knows what she's talking about with this. Thanks Roz. You are amazing."

Angie Maroubra

""I have worked with Roslyn on a number of occasions and am amazed at how she is always spot on with her image consulting. Just take one look at Roslyn and you will see what she is all about. Always looking amazing and stylish and "practicing what she preaches". Her extensive knowledge shines through and her clients always walk away looking amazing! Love your work Roslyn..... Zazeh ""

Zazeh Panania

"Ros Holden is a complete professional. My session with her involved an education about what not to wear, what to wear and where I have gone wrong over the years. She not only helped me with colours, but fine tuned my wardrobe so it works! I am grateful and can’t speak more highly of her great work and fun personality. Thanks Ros."

Anna Musson-Good Manners Company

"Recently I collaborated with Ros to photograph her colour image consultations. Throughout the session I was amazed at the transformation that Ros' clients experienced with her guidance and advice about hair, make-up and clothing choices. As a photographer I have learnt so much about the use of colour and how to improve my own photography simply by employing the techniques that Ros so expertly recommended. A session with Sheike me up is one of the most valuable and useful tools to developing and maintaining your image. If you only ever see one stylist, beautician or image consultant I would recommend Ros Holden from Sheike me up. Philippe. Owner and Photographer. Image technique Photography."

Image Technique- Philippe Flatt-Professional Photography

Recently I collaborated with Ros to photograph her colour image consultations. Throughout the session I was amazed at the transformation that Ros’ clients experienced with her guidance and advice about hair, make-up and clothing choices.
As a photographer I have learnt so much about the use of colour and how to improve my own photography simply by employing the techniques that Ros so expertly recommended.
A session with Sheike me up is one of the most valuable and useful tools to developing and maintaining your image. If you only ever see one stylist, beautician or image consultant I would recommend Ros Holden from Sheike me up.
Philippe. Owner and Photographer. Image technique Photography.


Image Technique- Philippe Flatt-Professional Photography

Ros, you are amazing! The information you have given me is invaluable. I had always been told I should use peachy make-up and, of course, the usual “gotta have black” myth … now I know why I was never really happy with even the most beautiful pieces I bought – they were wrong for ME. So now I’m no longer condemned to feeling bad about myself or believing it’s just my lot in life to look yukky most of the time. Now I have a new lease on life and I’m excited about shopping for clothes rather than hating it. I used to always come home feeling down, so I avoided it. I will have to get both my daughters in to see you too. They each have different colouring to me and to each other – we are probably all different season colours. I’m pretty sure the young girl from the local shoe shop will be in touch – she was blown away by just the little I mentioned to her about why I was steering toward certain colours and away from others even though they were beautiful shoes. Thank you, thank you, thank you XX


Cheryl Engadine NSW

Recently I have been working with leading colour stylist and image consultant Ros Holden. Ros has transformed the look of thousands of clients just by advising them on how to choose the right colour for their clothes, hair and makeup. I recently photographed one of her clients and the photos showcase how much better we can look when we wear colours that suit our complexion. Here are some examples. The photos on the left are all the wrong colour choices. The images on the right are taken with Francine wearing clothes chosen with the help of image consultant Ros Holden. The amazing thing is that Francine did not have to go shopping, all the right clothes were already in her wardrobe, she just didn’t realise it.


Image Technique- Philippe Flatt-Professional Photography

I was fortunate enough to be referred to Ros for a colours and makeover workshop just recently.
Frankly I thought it would be fun, but I felt a little unconvinced that someone else could tell me what colours suited me best at this stage of my life!
Boy was I wrong! Ros explained and showed me how my skin/hair colours change as you age and therefore so do the colours you wear.
The difference was quite remarkable……I now have my colour swatch when I shop and choose better colours to suit. Even my makeup needed to change to make me look brighter and more youthful……marvellous!


Beth Sans Souci

“The 3 of us were like 3 excited little girls when we came to Ros to have our Colours done. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with Ros and appreciated her patience as we asked many questions and fiddled around with her make-up and fashion ware. The insight she provided has made a difference to our confidence in “assembling our look”. Here are our comments:


Jayleen feels that shopping is easier for her as she now knows what she’s looking for. She’s now using all her clothes instead of defaulting to using her usual drab coloured tops. It’s also made her more creative with putting outfits together.


Rose used to wear mostly black but now she loves wearing colour and she feels better when she does! She can see now that black didn’t flatter her and she doesn’t even look at it in the shops. Rose says it’s the best money she’s ever spent!!


Paula loves the wider range of colours she can choose from and has headed in the right direction by lightening her hair colour as advised by Ros. It’s given her a brighter, fresher and, dare we say, “younger” look. She’s had compliments & even her husband likes the new look!


So thank you again Ros. You had to be firm with us as we all thought we were one season but we love knowing what colours we are now because we see it works! – Jayleen, Rose & Paula (April 2014).”


Jayleen Rose and Paula Fairfield West

I have been communicating with Ros by phone or email for several years. However as I was reaching the stage of needing some ‘outside help’ with my choice of colours in clothing, I made an appointment to see Ros last week. I found Ros to be a very warm, enthusiastic person and very dedicated in making you look your best whether with the skincare products, applying makeup or advice with your colours. After many years thinking I was an one season person, Ros proved to me that I could wear different colours.
I came away with the Arestaline8 skin care face products and am using them each morning and night. In little more than a week, I can feel an improvement to my skin.
Apart from adding the right colours to my wardrobe, (Ros I have moved on from my beige slacks) Ros selected a new lipstick – a colour I would never have chosen, but I am very happy to wear as it also gives me much needed colour.
Ros, lovely to meet with you and thanks for your time, all helped to set me on the right track.

Julia Naremburn

And thanks again for all the time you put into doing my make up and sorting my colours – I really enjoyed it and found it very informative. I think many of us get into a rut over the years and I felt that I hadn’t really moved on over the last 15 to 20 years, so I really needed a ‘sheike up’.

Ros is friendly but professional, which makes it a very pleasant, informative and fun experience. It has certainly given me a much better insight into what colours work for me and shown me that there is life after black! I love the make up and the really good variety of colours, particularly in the lipstick range – the eye shadows stay put and it all works beautifully. What a wonderful service – who wouldn’t want to make the most of themselves! Thanks Ros.
Many thanks

Peita Central Tilba

I am loving the increased confidence in my colours….really loving my foundation…and the eye colours….shopping is much more exciting . I now know if I try something on if it is right for me.


Ros I can’t thank you enough. Firstly visiting you several years ago to have my colours done. With my new found colours came comments from friend and family on how well I looked. That gave me great confidence in my presentation, so I committed to loose weight. Loosing nearly 20 kg over the next year, it allowed me to change my new wardrobe, filling it with my right colours.
Having the colour palate has made shopping easy, (although sometimes convincing the sale assistant that you don’t wear black can be a challenge).
I have made lots of visits back to visit Ros to purchase the beautiful make-up. Ros always is very patient and helps us with anything we are unsure off. I have even sent a photo if not sure or advice.
I have shared this experience with my three daughters and even my son is wearing his colours as well. He is in his teens and has a bit if acne on his face, he notices it less when he has the right colour on.
My youngest daughter has the eye for fashion and the knowledge of colour has taken it to the next level. I never hear her say ” I have nothing to wear” She has since started using the skin care range, and loves it.
We have a family wedding this year, my eldest daughter and of course the others are going to the bridesmaids. We all know what colours suit us but Ros has helped us coordinate everything. That’s been a great help thanks Ros.
I would highly recommend Ros as a colour consultant to anyone that wants to look their best.
From very satisfied clients Karen, Kirsty, Lauren and Erin.

Karen, Kirsty, Erin, Lauren Engadine

I also feel more beautiful in my colours!


I use to hide in black but I’ve realized black can actually make me look bigger and older!


I can’t stand wearing black anymore! I get so many positive comments.


Love my new makeup colours especially my lipstick! The most popular comment is,


“Paula , there’s something different about you! ” thanks Ros.


Paula Wetherill Park

I was previously told I was one season but after seeing Ros she found me to be another. I never liked the those colours on me and silently rebelled by ignoring them. I now love my colours and enjoy shopping for them! I have now bought my’ make-up tones/shades and no longer wear the wrong tones/shades. I am no longer confused about what colours do and don’t suit me. I feel more fresh and vibrant in my colours.


Ros Sydney

I recently had an express package consultation with Ros and it was such a wonderful investment! I used to be stuck in a rut wearing black all the time, thinking it was a slimming colour when it actually makes me look larger. Now I don’t feel so lost as to which colours to buy when I go shopping. Ros also helped me with applying makeup and it was so refreshing to use colours that I’ve never tried before. The skincare and makeup that I took home have been great, Having extremely oily skin it’s great to find products that last, and this is the first time I’ve been able to wear mascara all day without it ending up on my cheeks at the end of it. My red angry skin has also calmed down after using the recommended skin care products. I’ll be able to shop for colours in both clothes and makeup now without worrying whether they suit me or not. Thankyou Ros!


Lauren Telopea NSW

Hi All


Late last year I had a colour revamp from Ros, and it was one of the smarter moves I have made. I had previously been misdiagnosed (probably due to my strawberry blonde hair and freckles), and found that there were only a few colours in that palette that I was comfortable with. My revamp was a revelation in that I was actually totally different and had for a long time knew that these were the sorts of colours I felt good in, but was afraid to wear due to being wrongly assessed.


Since having my revamp, I have enjoyed wearing my new palette, and as I don’t often wear makeup, having the right colours has made a huge difference to how I look and feel.


Thanks Ros!


Simone Wentworth Falls

“Thank you Ros for opening my eyes to the wonderful world of colour! For years I have just been guessing the colours to wear. Some things I had right but Ros has helped me to understand why some colours work on me and why others don’t.
The right browns and blues are now my new ‘black’. I am really looking forward to having some new corporate photos taken for my website and with Ros’s guidance, I now know exactly what colours, makeup and backgrounds to use to make me look my best.
Thank you Ros!”


Bronwen Kaspers-Como-Word Chemistry

When I first met Ros I had been very sick for many years. I was looking very dull and drab and had lost all confidence. I used to wear lots of the wrong colours for me and especially a lot of black. Now I wear all my colours all the time and I look and feel fantastic. My confidence has grown enormously and I now believe in myself. People are now saying I glow with this radiance and I know it is a lot to do with the colours. Apart from Ros’s vast range of excessive knowledge, she has the biggest heart and the kindest, warmest personality. She welcomes you with open arms and makes you feel at home with her. Really all she wants to do is to give to you all that she can give.


Meika, Kareela

I have raved about Ros’s talents for years as a colour consultant to all who show an interest in colour or those who comment on my clothes. From the second I was matched in my colours I was so excited but I have to be honest and say when I saw the palette of no bright white and no black I was lost!!! How would I ever survive without black 1/2 my wardrobe was black!!! Ros was so great at counselling me with this and made me bring in lots of clothes I had and she made a plan of what I should add and not to throw away all the black but to wear my colours close to my face. She did my makeup perfectly and I looked like a totally different person. I now know how to shop for my colours and I’m not scared of colour anymore!!! The best money I have ever spent and Ros is so welcoming she will help you!!! Don’t go to a stylist you need Your colours done first!!!


Anna, Canberra

I am doing OK with the colours, as I add new pieces to my wardrobe I make sure they are the right shade. I have had more compliments at work about what I wear and how much the colours suit me. This gives me confidence and a good feeling that keeps me going through the day. Even wearing a scarf in the right colours has changed outfits!


Belinda, Hurstville NSW

I was fortunate to have the pleasure of getting my colour consultation and make up done by Ros. She is professional and lovely to talk to about what would and wouldn’t suit me. I don’t wear make up often and I choose very few colours to wear so the consultation I received from Ros was amazing and opened my eyes to new colours I can wear, without looking off in colour or otherwise. Thank you Ros for your time and for the fun we had looking over the colours and make up range.


Heather, Sydney

WOW – have just had my colours done by Ros Holden, and what a difference it has made to my life. I thought I knew what suited me, but after a couple of sessions with Ros, well now I know what looks great on me and what doesn’t. Not only has Ros armed me with the knowledge of the correct colour and style of clothes to purchase, she has also guided me in make up selection and how to add accessories to some of my clothes that are not my colours so that I can still wear them. Now that I wear my correct colours I am amazed at the amount of people that tell me I look great, and it is all thanks to Ros.


Sharon Hespe Naturopath-Penshurst

Only a few weeks ago I bought some of Ros Holden’s Make-Up products and found the Foundation and Concealer both amazing products that last.
As I have worn Make-Up for years with my performance background I have tried many different products that have not necessarily performed like advertised.
I can be very picky when it comes to a good Foundation and Concealers, but I must say this impressed me straight away and I found that they both could be applied with easy and gave great coverage.
I have the both the Oil based Foundation and the Oil Free Foundation and find they are both great. I use the Oil free if I am going to a special occasion and it lasts all night. That impressed me!
A week later I started trying the cleaning products as my skin was quite dry around my nose and I knew my skin was not balanced.
Within 1 week I could see an amazing difference. No longer do I have the dried skin around my nose and my skin feels great. Honestly I sometimes just like to feel my cheeks as I can’t believe how soft and smooth they are now.
I think one of the amazing products that has helped with this is the “Natalie Even Skin Tone Oil”. Wow! It smells amazing and your skin in the morning, well it feel like a baby’s bum! That’s the only way to describe it.
My husband has let me to the whole range on him as well and he even told me the next day on the phone he was amazed how good his skin felt.
After using this every day I now have great skin that feels refreshed. I recommend this whole Natalie Range Ros offers. You have to at least try it otherwise you will never know. So maybe have a facial with Ros first then trust me you will order the whole range like I did. I now know I never have to look for another product again.


Karla, Brighton

I’d like to thank you for helping me understand my new colours. Thank you also for the makeup sessions, which helped me gain experience. My whole wardrobe has been changed to the right colours and all the wrong colour is replaced. I take my colour chart out wherever I go. I’m a changed person. In fact last week I presented a speech in front of my teacher, and got full marks. He commented on how I dressed, which gave me the few extra bonus points. Overall I appreciated the time and effort you put in to convince me of the right colours.


Amber, Sydney

Ros from Sheike Me Up has totally changed the way I see myself. I have had my colours done before with another stylist and was given completely the wrong advice. I changed to what Ros has advised and I feel so much better in the way I look. I now have confidence when I go shopping! It is easy to pick the clothes that will look the best on me, saving me time when I shop.
If you want to feel great and look the best you possibly can you have to go and see Ros. You will not be disappointed.


Lucy Herron, Lucy Rose Clinic