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Complete colour Image Package

with $200 of make up in your colours


“The Ultimate Before and After”


  • Your before shot.
  • Your image history.
  • History of Colour.
  • Why colour is the key.
  • Skin analysis.
  • Make-up performed in your colours.
  • Hair analysis and advice. Colour and style.
  • How to use your Colour Swatch.
  • Draped in all your colours.
  • What jewelery and accessories to wear.
  • Your after photo.
  • Ongoing facebook training.


Includes an accurate colour swatch and $200 of sheike me make-up in your own personal colours.

Your consultation will include:

  • A determination of what season you are – i.e. what colours suit you
  • Colour information from top to toe including hair and make-up advice
  • A complete make-up session
  • Your own personal colour swatch ($40 RRP) to take with you so you can always choose the right colours
  • A before and after shot taken on the day
  • Hair analysis and advice
  • Beauty and skin care advice
  • make up application advice

This session will include:

  • A 4-hour shopping session with Ros
  • Shopping at locations of your choosing, as well as selected boutiques as chosen by Ros
  • Intensive feedback to spark your creativity and empower you to choose your colours and styles efficiently
  • You will buy clothes and styles you never thought imaginable

This session will include:

  • A 4-hour shopping session with Ros for you and 4 friends
  • Driven trip into the city or shop of your choice
  • Morning tea and lunch for the whole group
  • A fun day out to help you see colours and styling in a whole new light
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Define your personal colour and style. Improve your image and presence, look and feel younger and slimmer with a complete colour, style and image consultation.

This gift certificate entitles the recipient to:

  • A 3  hour consultation with a professional colour image stylist
  • Colour draping and analysis
  • Hair colour and hair style advice
  • A make up lesson and make up application
  • Wardrobe co-ordination
  • A colour swatch
  • $200 make up in Your Colours


with $200 of make up in your colours


From Leading Colour expert Ros Holden


  1. This one hour service offers an express Colour Analysis with the most accurate draping system.
  2. Find out your own personal Colours and unlock your Image Potential.
  3. Find out why Colour is the key to your Ultimate look
Make up School Tickets

2 Hour Make up Class on how to get the most from your make up

Friday 10.30-12.30 4th October


$50 Redeemable on the day on make up purchases.



The mystery and science behind colour

Why your colours are so important to your style

A personal Colour analysis to learn what colours suit you

Hair Colour and styles-What are all the hair colours that suit you

Skin care

Make up application-10 top tips to look younger in your make up

Wardrobe coordination. How to build the best wardrobe from scratch



Gift Voucher

Complete Colour/Image package

  • Colour history
  • Accurate Colour analysis
  • Colour draping to determine your seasonal colours
  • Hair style and colour advice
  • Make up advice
  • Make up application in your colours
  • Before and after shots
  • Suitable style analysis and style advice
  • Free follow ups and revamps
  • Ongoing style advice
Colours for babies and children

A 2 hour Colour consultation for babies and
children including a colour swatch.

Wearing the right colours makes a world of difference. Having your babies or your childrens’ colours done is a fabulous thing to do. This 2 hour consultation will show you how to dress your children so they can look their “true self”. It will build your childs’ confidence and help them to always be aware of good grooming and have great self esteem.


Fashion Master colour and style Workshops

3 Hour intense colour and style workshop

Are run regularly at the studio in Ramsgate or you can organzie your own and make a commission on the sales. Between 10-15 women.

At this informative and fun workshop you will learn

  • The history of Colour
  • The power of your colours
  • Your accurate colour analysis to determine your seasonal colours
  • Your correct hair colour(s)
  • Your make up (12 top tips to make up to look younger)
  • How to create the perfect wardrobe
  • Your signature style
  • Wardrobe co-ordination
  • Accessorize


Make up session in YOUR SEASONAL COLOURS


Wearing your colours in your make up will make you look younger and more attractive. You will have a natural glow and a glamour that is uniquely you,.

Sheike Me Cosmetics are designed with you in mind.

This one hour session will explore ALL the make up in your Seasonal Colours that look fabulous on you.

You will learn 12 top tips to looking younger in your make up and simple make up tips for any make up novice.

Call for your 1 hour booking now.


Tired of looking drab and dull? Are you ready for the change of a lifeltime? How would you feel if you could “colour your world” and look younger slimmer and more attractive?Do you want to learn the secrets that the fashion world have overlooked?

In this fabulous and fun 3 hour workshop you will learn these things and more. All your fashion questions will be answered.


  • Look younger
  • Look slimmer
  • Look more vibrant
  • Look more attractive
  • Hair colour thats right for you
  • Make up thats right for you
  • 12 top tips to looking younger in your make up
  • Top anti-aging skin care that works
  • What colours suit you
  • What style suits you
  • Wardrobe co-ordination
  • Accessorizing
  • Hair styles
  • Dress your age
  • How to stay looking younger
  • Colour for photography
  • Colour for brides
  • What colour jewellery suits you
  • How to build a wardrobe from scratch
  • Wardrobe on a budget
After you have had your colours assessed you will find a lot of things in your wardrobe that need to change. This 2 hour wardrobe cull will redesign your wardrobe and give you confidence to create a functional, beautiful and well co-ordinated wardrobe. One that is uniquely you. One that expresses your true “signature style”
Including Corporate Images
1.3 Hour session with a personal stylist and expert colour consultant2. Hair advice and colour

3. Hair style and colour

4. Wardrobe advice for corporate shots

5. Professional corporate images.

This value package is given over 2 days.

Day 1.  Is the colour and style consultation

Day 2. Hair cut colour and style, professional corporate make up session  and then off to our professional photographer