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How to achieve your best image

Would you like to be one of those rare individuals that look great everyday?

One of those that can be described as having style and great fashion sense.

One that feels always confident in their dress, no matter what the occasion.

This is a fashion goal that can be achieved by everyone, with the right fashion knowledge gained by one session with Your Colours and Style. As I teach this subject to various groups, I am excited to see the response to this simple yet so overlooked information. Information that will transform your image if you apply the principles.

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The most important element to your personal image

The key to looking fabulous every single day is wearing colours that suit you.

Fashion comes and goes but wearing colours that suit your toning will make you appear as young and slim and attractive as you can be.

Looking chic from top to toe requires an understanding of all the colour palettes and how to find the colour palette that you are in.

At Your Colours and Style we have added 10 years of Colour Therapy research to our knowledge to offer an accurate analysis to our clients. We have literally transformed 1000’s of clients over the years to be the best they can be when it comes to personal style. Ros Holden is passionate about giving her clients the most accurate colour analysis because colour is vital to great fashion.

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What can you expect from a colour image consultation

This 3 hour life changing experience equips you with personal knowledge for your own unique fashion journey. It’s so great to see young women in particular gain this knowledge because they can express their own style and true beauty.

You will learn all about the colour system that works for you. What colours flatter you and what colours don’t. How to achieve the best hair colours throughout the decades. The right make up colours and how to apply. How to take care of your skin for beautiful make up application.

You also will learn about the right colour clothing and accessories to create your most stylish look. From there you will go home to work your own wardrobe with the necessary changes to have the best co-ordinated wardrobe.

Once you have the colours right, your own personal signature style will emerge. You will be amazed at how much more creative you will become. Shopping will not only be easier but so much more fun when you know how to shop efficiently.

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Choosing the right colour palette

Colours became popular in the 70’s but with fashion and social media etc moving to a whole new level, we have been inundated with fashion news and images.

Celebrities and high profile people are driving the industry in a million different directions. Who do you want to follow?

I say let style be style. We cannot deny that looking beautiful is a goal we all want to achieve. Some insane fashion just won’t get us there.

And some colour systems won’t get us there either. Because colour is 90% of looking beautiful, finding colours that work is a must.

Colour systems now have become so vast that it’s difficult to choose a system that works for you.

Your Colours and style have not only studied the art of colour for 10 years but offers a 100% money back guarantee on our services.

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Fashion from top to toe

When people look at you they see you from top to toe. So how do you get the whole thing happening from top to toe?

How many different hair colours can you have? Just google blonde hair and you will see that choosing the right blonde or not for you may not be that easy.

Hair colour alone makes a massive difference to how young and attractive you look. At your YCS session you will find out the right hair colour and make up colours to wear.

There are literally thousands of shades of colour and 1000’s of shades you cannot wear. That is why a professional colour consultation will give you all the tools to look your best from top to toe. Co-ordinating colours that suit gives you that overall fashion beauty.

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The ultimate make over

Over the last decade YCS has literally seen 1000’s of clients transformed.

Colour is the ultimate make over. From drab to fab, looking so much younger and more vibrant. Women that had lost their way and confidence have found it again. Women that were just feeling old and unattractive to feel younger and attractive again.  We have helped young people find their fashion sense and direction, and have the confidence they need to be their “true” self. We have helped hundreds of clients get the “colours right” that may have had a misdiagnosis or tried to diagnose their own colours and failed. We have enjoyed seeing these transformations and had great satisfaction in helping people find their best look.

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The change is up to you

Everyone has the potential to look great every day but sadly so few people anywhere in the world ever reach that goal.

I always say to my clients, I will give you all the advice and knowledge you will need to make the changes to achieve your fashion goals. The rest is up to you. If you implement all the fashion and mostly the colour principles you will get the results you are looking for and you will be one of those people that look great every single day.

So what are you waiting for? Why wait one more day to look your best.

Pick up the phone and call us today fro the best fashion investment you will ever make.

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